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My name is Debbi Claxton. For over 26 years I have been designing luxury land adventures and cruises for discerning clients. I pride myself on understanding my client's needs. I try to stay one step ahead of them by presenting the next "It" destinations, what's required in getting there, and planning what their unique one-of-a-kind experiences will be once they arrive.

Most of my land-based clients have traveled extensively and prefer extremely unique, customized and authentic destination immersive and cultural adventures, even if it is a visit to a repeat location. There are many ways to explore any destination, however, exploring the next 'IT' destination is always a great desire.

My passion is designing and curating memorable experiences for you. My detailed planning and personalized service will ensure that your travel experiences will equal or exceed your expectations. I will always search out unique destinations that offer many pleasant, unexpected surprises for you.

Andrew Shade
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